• The Ice Hockey Hall of Fame

    Since our arrival in Toronto 2 months ago we have been getting out and about and playing tourist, getting to know our new town.   As we arrived at the end of fall and heading into winter we have mostly targeted indoor venues.  We have a list full of places we would like to visit and things to do for 2016 however some of them we will hold off doing until spring/summer.

  • An Idiots Guide to Ice Hockey

    This week we have been on an Ice Binge and I am talking about a drug, the drug of Ice Hockey.  Canadian’s are well and truly addicted to Ice Hockey! In the last week, we have been to the Ice Hockey Hall of Fame , been to a Toronto Maple Leafs Game, watched ice hockey games on Television it’s never not on, heard countless commentators talk about various games and my very favourite a reality TV show called Hockey Wives.   Tomorrow we will round off our week by going to yet another game at the Air Canada Centre this time a World Legends Classic game between two Old Cougar Teams,…