• Chateaux de Shit Hole.

    After selling our house we moved into a furnished apartment in downtown Brisbane 4 weeks ago, our stuff has gone into storage and it leaves Brisbane next week in a container.  We have moved into the apartment with our clothes, electronics, a few toys for Sam and the all-important contents of our Bar Cart.  The apartment was booked via the internet based on a couple of pictures, some ok reviews on Trip Advisor, our budget and the location which is walking distance to what seems like half of Brisbane’s restaurants and bars.

  • Stuff is happening, I’m just not sure what!

    **WARNING** If you see me in the street or at the school gate just don’t ask, “How are you”? ………. I will most likely burst into tears and I’m talking about the “ugly cry”. It seemed like a good idea at the time, picking up and moving to the other side of the world from Brisbane, Australia to Canada. We are currently in the process of packing up our home of 8 years and I have discovered a few rather odd things about us. We are a house of 3, myself, my husband and our 8-year-old son Sam. As I pack I have discovered we own a disproportionate amount of…