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I am Danielle and I’m from Sydney, Australia.  After living in Brisbane Australia for 10 years myself and my Canadian husband decided to sell up, pack up and make the big move to Toronto, Canada with our son.  I started blogging so that our friends and family could follow our adventure.   Along the way, other bloggers and readers have come along for the ride.

My blog is about navigating our new life in Canada.  It’s about things I like to cook, places we have visited and my latest obsession, gardening.  Just to keep life interesting we have purchased and are renovating a 150-year-old Victorian house in a small town just outside Toronto.  Did I mention the budget is basically zip.  Yep!  So that means plenty of DIY.   I spend far too much time on Pinterest and Instagram pinning and scrolling when I really should be doing.

If you would like to get in touch, ask a question or say hello, please email me at contact@maplebaconplease.com





  • Emma and Stewart

    Eeek how long until you move? I’m certain it will be an exciting journey for you guys and I look forward to reading more. Love the blog name too, maple bacon is so good, as is a lot of Canadian junk food – be prepared to put on a lot of weight when you get here 🙂

    • Maple Bacon Please!

      Hi Emma, thanks for dropping by, I found your blog when researching the move to Toronto and lost several hours going down the rabbit hole reading some of your older posts. It got me so excited about our move and was such a great help. We arrive in 2 weeks and still have so much to do ……………….. At this stage I think I am a little bit more freaked out and daunted by what we need to do once we arrive in Toronto however the first thing I plan on doing once we arrive is devouring a Nutella and Banana Beaver Tail.

  • joannesisco

    Welcome to Canada and welcome to Toronto 🙂

    For the record, I’m a born and raised Canadian but I don’t particularly like poutine (gravy on french fries is just wrong. Cheese on anything is very good though), I’ve never had a beaver tail (I KNOW!!) and I think the whole pajamas in public thing was imported. It’s also very wrong.

    Looking forward to reading so much more about your new adventures 🙂

  • Lynn

    Hi Danielle! Thanks so much for the follow today, happy to return the favour. Love your “About” story & look forward to reading more!

  • Jay Dee

    Thanks for following my blog! I love eating maple bacon. Delicious stuff. I just returned to Canada two days ago after living in Japan for eleven years, so my family is going through what I’m sure you’ve already gone through. I’ll be sure to watch your blog.

    • Maple Bacon Please!

      Good luck Jay!
      My husband has lived out of Canada for over 15 years and moving back has been interesting. I think he gets more frustrated by some of the bureaucracy than I do and thinks some things are a little old fashioned. Banking is a little 1950’s. The fact that bank cheques are still used (it was the only way we are allowed to pay our rent). We had not written or owned a cheque booking the entire time we lived in Australia together. We are currently going through the frustration of trying to find a Family GP and it’s torture.
      Looking forward to following your new adventures.

      • Jay Dee

        Hardly anyone uses cheques, anyway. They’re not used in Japan, either. However, the banking system in Japan is so archaic, it makes Canada’s system look like science fiction.

        Finding a doctor is difficult. My sister and mom have asked theirs and they both said they’re full. It’s going to take a while to find one. In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for a walk-in clinic.

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