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This morning as I was walking out the door to drop the 12-year-old at school and he dropped a bombshell.   He probably should have dropped something else because he was umming and ahhing at the kitchen door and asking if he had time to use the bathroom before we left.  I let him know for the 15th time he was running late and should probably do his business when he got to school.

Oozing with pride he then proceeded to tell me that he has never used the bathroom at school for number 2’s.  He went so far as to backtrack and name each of the last three schools he has attended and confirm he had not left behind a stool sample in any school bathroom for at least the last 4 years.

The mum in me was thinking, yikes! that can’t possibly be healthy but secretly I was kind of impressed with his achievement.    I started to wonder if it was something he could try and enter into the Guinness book of world records.    I mean what category could that possibly even fall under?

He can join his dad who is going for the world record for never taking a sick day off work.   It must be a Canadian thing because I’m forever tagging The Canadian in news articles I have read about his fellow competitors.

One of my favourite headlines from CBC this year was,

This man has never missed a day of work in 36 years — and he’s surrounded by germs


It turns out the guy was 15 minutes late for work one day due to a kidney stone working its way through his body.   He had still managed to get himself to work but needed to sit it out for the first 15 minutes of his shift in the staff room to ride out the worst of the pain.

I’m always telling the Canadian you don’t get a medal for turning up to work sick but it appears you do get recognition in the national media in Canada.

One of my friends in Australia,  Pete, got The Guinness World Record for the most high fives in a 24 hour period in 2012.  Curious to see if he still holds the record I did a quick google search.  The results are staggering.  It seems high fiving is pretty competitive.   I found results for the most high fives in under a minute, the most high fives in under 30 seconds and the most high fives in an hour.  The different scenarios of high fives kept going and going.

It got me thinking about what record I could go for?  I think I would be in with a chance for the most trips to Home Depot in a week.

The 12-year-old just got home from school so along with enquiring how his day was I asked if he has done his number 2.  He replied with a “No, I don’t need to, I think it must have pushed itself back up”.  Not happy with one world record it seems he is trying to attempt a second.  The longest a 12-year-old can go without pinching off a loaf.

Danielle X


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  • Tracey from Melbourne

    Finally I must be a gold medallist in something! I’ve been working since 1978 and have never ever taken a dump in a work toilet 😄. My self esteem has gone through the roof.

    • Danielle

      That is quite the achievement. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 12 year old attempts to carry his record through his working life. It’s seems it’s a very competitive record.

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