Living in Marijuanaville

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you aren’t, then why aren’t you?) you will be aware that over the last 12 months I have become obsessed with gardening.


When I’m not in the garden, I am reading about gardening, visiting garden centres and making plans for my garden.   My neighbours on either side have beautiful gardens and a combination of over 250 years of life and garden experience between them (basically they are impressively old).   They are my garden Wikipedia.


Having moved from Australia to Canada I’m gardening in a different planting zone.   A dramatically different planting zone.  Instead of drought-tolerant or tropical plants, they need to be frost tolerant or able to survive the negative temperatures of a very long winter.  I need all the help I can get.


This year another neighbour in the street started to stand out as a garden green thumb.  Perhaps another garden guru brain I could pick?   Mmmmm, strange because I don’t remember him being into gardening last year.


As summer has ticked over one thing started to stand out and that is he indeed has a green thumb.  He only grows green.   The rest of the street is full of colourful hydrangeas, peonies, roses and hanging baskets.  You name it someone in the street is growing it.   This neighbour only specialises in one plant.   A plant you can’t miss from the smell alone.


One day I was chatting all things gardening with my neighbour Shirley when she asked me if I knew what that plant was pointing over at Mr Green Thumbs front garden across the street.   Before I could reply she proceeded to tell me she had a gap in her yard that she was looking to fill and she was impressed with how quickly that plant had been growing.   She was going to go over and ask Mr Green Thumb for a cutting and see if she could propagate it in her own backyard.


I suddenly had visions of my 84-year-old neighbour rapping to Snoop Dogg and toking on a reefer as she was tending to her garden.


It wasn’t to be.  Shirley had been telling her daughter about the speed that the plant across the street was growing and pointed it out to her when she said, “Mum, that’s Marry – J – uana”.



It’s impressive.

Yep, that’s it!


I giggle every time I walk past.  Mostly imagining Shirley asking for a cutting but also because it seems so rebellious to have such a huge marijuana plant growing in your front yard about two metres from the footpath.  A street with a local 5 – 0 (that is a cop in marijuana talk because I’m totally Ghetto)  living a few doors away who drives past it every day.


It’s been interesting watching the legalisation of cannabis in the last year.   When we first arrived in Canada, it was in the process of being decriminalised and I wrote this blog post  Progressive Canada

Since then it is not only decriminalised but it’s available for sale legally in stores run by the government.   Here in Ontario the provincial government runs the show and managed to lose $42 million last year in the process.  Yep!  You read that right.   A drug dealer that actually loses money.


Perhaps they need some tips from my neighbour across the street?




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