Hello Stranger

Well hello stranger.

What’s been happening?  I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since I last blogged.  Yikes!!

I’m not sure what happened and why I fell off the blogging bandwagon but anyway I’m back.   I have been umming and ahhing about a re-entry back into blogging and then got the shove I needed this past month.   My domain and account came up for renewal and I had to make a decision one way or the other if I would let the blog go completely or pay for the renewal.   I’ve chosen the latter so here I am.  Is anyone else still here or am I talking to myself?

I know my Aunty Carol is probably reading (big wave Aunty Carol)

I went back and read my last blog post from three years ago and interesting enough it was about looking for a house to buy.  Well, it turns out we did end up buying in that very town outside Toronto.

We fell in love with a 150-year-old Victorian house on a huge lot that we told ourselves had great bones.  After almost two years in the house, it is starting to feel like a home and not just a house.  More about that later.

Next month it will be 4 years since we left Australia and moved to Canada.  I can’t believe how quickly it has passed.   Looking back at some of my old blog posts I was writing very much from a newcomer to Canada’s perspective.   Anything and everything we did was new or different.   I guess moving forward the blog will probably take a different direction.   Instagram has been my social media drug of choice and I often get asked for recipes, updates on stuff we are doing to the house and my latest obsession,  gardening so this is probably a great place for me to post about them.

I still read blogs but I must admit these days I tend to find them when I’m looking how to do something, want to go somewhere or want to make something.

It will probably be a slow start back because I have taken the leap and migrated to a self-hosted site. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing or what is happening in the backend of the blog.  If this post gets published it will be a small miracle.  I will be teaching myself some coding and working on a new home landing page for the site and making it more user-friendly so stay tuned.






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