Thanksgiving and all things Pumpkin

I mentioned briefly in my last post that the Canadian started a new job recently.

Without going into detail of what he does or where he works it is a company that is all about mobile phones.  As is the way of the world, naturally the week he started at his new job my mobile phone started to play up.  No worries I thought, my super clever husband will know what the problem is …   well here I am almost 3 months later with a phone that only works every other day and his solution every time I ask  …. “turn it off and back on”

I can see why he gets paid the big bucks….

Looks like I will be off to purchase a new phone this week.

In other news, it was Thanksgiving in Canada over the weekend.  The 9-year old who has only been back at school for 5 minutes after the oh so loooong summer break had a 4-day long weekend.

As it is a weekend that is all about Turkey and we live in an apartment with the world’s smallest oven I opted for another cheat Turkey dinner. What’s a cheat Turkey dinner? Well, you can read all about it here as I did the same at Christmas.

 Cheat Turkey Dinner


See those containers, don’t be fooled as they are troublemakers!!!


We were joined by some mates I have met through the blog and are a family that has also recently moved from Australia to Toronto.   It was all fun and games until I went to remove the lid from the gravy container to pour it into a saucepan to reheat it and I poured 3/4 of the (large) container all down the front of me, the kitchen cupboards and my new  J. Crew black suede shoes  (I may or may not have had a near miss with the soup as well).

An outfit change was required and the Swiffer wet jet made a Thanksgiving day appearance.   It wasn’t the wet jet’s only appearance on the day.

The 9-year-old when not being monitored closely get’s migraines if he spends too much time on the iPad playing Minecraft. 9 out of 10 times it results in him driving the porcelain bus and usually always happens when myself and The Canadian are entertaining on the wines so not paying attention.  I’m a firm believer that it’s not a party until something get’s broken or someone throws up.

It all sounds rather debaucherous but was actually very civilised.  I even cracked out the “good china” …. a separate “kids” table was also set up on the kitchen bench.

Canadian Thanksgiving Table Decorations.JPG

The turkey was delicious and I thought even better cold the next day for leftovers.

Thanksgiving Turkey.JPG

Just call me Martha Stewart LOL

We all had a sigh of relief when we carved into Big Bird and it didn’t deflate like in The Griswold’s Christmas Vacation movie.  It was also lucky that due to piglet I am I had ordered an extra tub of gravy.


We have been embracing fall and went apple picking on the weekend.  The orchard also had a corn maze that we managed to crack in record time.  I am hoping to pull my finger out this week and make a pie with the big bag of apples we picked.


corn maze.JPG
Corn Maze Fun




How good is it when you bite into a new season apple picked off the tree after eating apples that have been in cold storage for who knows how long???



October is also all about the pumpkin.  In particular pumpkin spice everything.  You name it they will pumpkin spice it.  Personally, I love a Pumpkin Pie but hate a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Pumpkin Beer is an acquired taste.


Even Lindt get in on the act with Pumpkin spice chocolate balls.

pumpkin spice.jpg


Don’t get me started on Pumpkin Spice Candles, I fail to smell any resemblance to Pumpkin or Spice, all I smell is stinky chemicals.   The Canadian has never allowed “air fresheners” in our bathroom.  Early on in our relationship, he let me know that poo spray doesn’t mask your poo smell it only ever results in a new fragrance called stinkier shit smell. I find his theory also comes into play with Pumpkin Spice Candles (in fact any seasonal candle).   If you have a pet and try and mask it with a candle it only results in wet stinky dog pumpkin spice chemical smell.

You won’t find Pumpkin Scented Candles in our fall home but you will find Pumpkins and Gourds breeding like rabbits.


As they begin to rot they will soon take on a Pumpkin Spice rotting flesh candle shit odour so I will have no need for the stinky candles as I will create my own Eau de perfume of pumpkin.

The trees have started to change colour in Toronto and are looking mighty pretty.  We are hoping to head off this weekend to one of the national parks to catch some of the colour show.  Hopefully, they didn’t peak last weekend as they started to change earlier the further north that you head.


I snapped this yesterday in the park.




I pinch myself every day that we now get to live somewhere with seasons.




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  • Joanne Sisco

    Pumpkin pie – yes!
    Pumpkin anything else – no. Especially Pumpkin Spice Latte. Isn’t that just about the grossest think you’ve ever tasted?!

    Aren’t you the smart one to contract out Thanksgiving dinner! I like the way you think. I just might need to remember this strategy.

    • Maple Bacon Please!

      I can’t recommend it enough Joanne. Both times we have done it, the food has been fantastic. Despite actually enjoying cooking it takes away all the stress so you can just sit back and enjoy your visitors. Well, that’s if you don’t spill everything all over yourself. LOL This time I basted the turkey in a maple bourbon syrup for the re-heating part of the Turkey and it gave the fantastic colour. I also think by the time you do the shopping for all the food this option doesn’t work out costing much more.

  • Lynn

    Had a good chuckle over the Canadian’s comment about poo spray. My daughter told me the same thing, it doesn’t take the smell away, now it just smells like vanilla poo! Matches, on the other hand, are like a little magic trick. Light one up after a particularly stinky poo! Oh, maybe not a good idea for the 9 yr old – he might set the condo on fire!

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