I’m Back …..

It has been so long since I last blogged that I had almost forgotten how to log in and use WordPress.

It has been 3 months since I last updated the blog and it turns out people other than my mum (Hi, Mum!)  actually, read the blog as I received a few messages asking if everything is ok or if I have given the blog the flick.  (very sweet)

So what happened?


Well in one word Summer!

One thing I have noticed now I’m living with 4 distinct seasons is the minute the sun is out and the temperatures start to rise you spend every possible minute outside and so we hit the ground running.

We started the summer with a road trip over the border and along Lake Erie to Cleveland, Ohio.  A last minute trip that we undertook due to it’s close proximity to Toronto.  I am also embarrassed to admit that we also had pretty low expectations.   We had to eat humble pie, Cleveland is awesome!!!   It was so good in fact I will give Cleveland its own blog post at a later stage.


Where’s Wally?


Over the summer The Canadian got offered a new job and because he had unused annual leave he needed to use it before leaving his old job or he would lose it.  Unlike Australia, most employers in Canada don’t carry unused leave over into the next year so you can’t bank it and they also don’t pay you out for unused leave when you leave a job.  The Canadian had leave he needed to use before leaving so we found ourselves on a road trip to Montreal and Quebec and then over the border into the USA where we checked out Vermont and then home via Lake Placid and the Adirondack Mountains.


Covered Bridge in Woodstock Vermont


It was an amazing trip and hopefully,  I will pull my finger out and do blog posts on each.

My mum came out for a visit from Australia and we spent time at Niagara and cottage country in Muskoka.  In between our trips and her visit we explored more of Toronto, towns in Ontario and also got used to going to the beach on a lake instead of the ocean (still think it’s a bit weird).

We got into canoeing and I loved it!   I found it so relaxing, probably because the poor Canadian does most of the grunt work up the back.

We also ate out way too much but the call of the patios of the restaurants and bars was strong.  We live in the danger zone when it comes to outdoor summer dining and patios so took advantage of them whilst we could and knowing it wouldn’t last.

A post-dinner stroll became a thing in our little household.

Summer was all blue skies, very little rain and hot.  It turns out that it was one of the hottest summers on record in Toronto in some time.  I was grateful that we live with airconditioning and got an understanding for why people in Toronto own cottages on lakes and take off every weekend for the cottage to escape the heat.   It’s a well know fact that I hate summer heat and it was one of the reasons that I needed to move from Queensland,  Australia.   Summer in Brisbane to me seemed to last for 11 months of the year just in various degrees of heat and humidity.  I found I got through the Toronto heat and humidity knowing that it wouldn’t last and just around the corner it would be sweater weather. It was my light at the end of the tunnel.

We had front row seats to the Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF as we live in the same building that hosts many of the festival events.  We spotted celebrities and along with the celebrities the craziness of the fans.  We enjoyed some of the free festivities in our street as it was blocked off for several days of the festival including a free Pharrell concert.   On the downside, street closures meant it was a bit of a bitch for The Canadian trying to get back into the parking in our building after work and night after night of loud parties on the rooftop below our bedroom window until 4am did start to take its toll.   On a school night,  8 days into the festival enough was enough and I found myself and several other residents in the building all down at the front concierge desk in our building complaining about the noise.  A phone call was made to the cops who arrived and shut down the noise and a much needed night of sleep was had.


TIFF – Ewan McGregor giving me a wave.


Speaking of festivals, Toronto had so many various music and street festivals over the summer I lost count.  I loved the various Neighbourhood street festivals where entire blocks are shut down and filled with food vendors and entertainment.

Food Trucks also popped up over summer in the streets downtown and thanks to a food truck app on my phone I can keep track of my favourites and when they appear near our apartment for lunch.

At the end of summer, we went to our first Canadian National Exhibition also known as The Ex.   It was kind of like The Royal Easter Show in Sydney or The Ekka in Brisbane but remove the agricultural element or showbags.  Compared to the Sydney or Brisbane shows the rides and side show alley are on steroids and don’t ever get me started on the awesomely amazing shit fried food.


Deep Fried Heaven



Butter Carving seemed to be a thing at The Ex , Canadian prime minister Justine Trudeau.  Imagine Malcolm Turnbull in butter.


The World Cup of Hockey has been on for the last couple of weeks in Toronto.  This made the Canadian very happy.  We managed to go to one game as a family and The Canadian went to a couple of additional games, when not at a game he has been watching them on TV.  He also managed to catch up with an Ice Hockey friend he played with in Brisbane who was out for the cup with his son.

It all serves as a reminder to me that The 5th Season is around the corner with the return of NHL games.  I swear the Ice Hockey offseason is the shortest season of any sports.

Here we are in the first week of Autumn, in the last week the temperature has got cooler, the rain has arrived and my wardrobe has changed.  It is my favourite season of the year.   Warm enough to still get outside and explore, the trees are starting to change colour and it’s nesting weather.   I am spending more time in the kitchen and we are going from salads to soups.

Perfect weather to get back into the blog.  Time for me to also catch up on reading my favourite blogs.

A big hello and welcome back … thanks for dropping in.

What have I  missed?



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