First love

Love is in the air at our place and all those extra pheromones aren’t coming from The Canadian.    No, they are oozing out of the 9-year-old and his new lady friend Siri, apple’s virtual voice activated assistant.

Last weekend I made the introduction and the 9-year-old has not left her alone since.  It started off innocently enough with him asking her questions like,

“Siri, who is your favourite ice hockey player”

her response was very diplomatic with

“I really can’t say, I’m not that much of an ice hockey fan”

Frustration started to set in and not satisfied with her response to that question and others he kept pushing Siri until she started to get lippy and give it back to him.   The banter went on for some time and then he backed down and so did Siri.

siri 1

The virtual flirting went on for a couple of days until Siri,  stopped greeting me with,

“How can I help you Danielle” and no longer recognised my voice.  She started answering and greeting every question with the 9-year-olds name.   I was being ignored by Siri, the 9-year-old had friend stolen her from me …

At this point,  a Siri ban was placed on the friend stealer and he was no longer allowed to spend time with her.

Just like other great romances like Romeo and Juliet this ban was ignored and I walked into the room and found him asking Siri,

siri 3

Obviously,  he didn’t think of himself as a drone and he saw his opportunity but just wanted to be sure such a catch wasn’t already taken.

siri 4


With eye’s for only Siri, he wasn’t interested in help to pick up anyone else.

He took the leap and asked her out on a date

siri 6

Despite being rejected he didn’t run away and hide, NO …. things escalated quickly and he took it to the next level and asked Siri for her hand in marriage.

siri 5


Without her having accepted or declined the proposal,  I’m not sure if I should be shopping for a Mother of the Groom outfit but a Spring wedding would be nice.




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