Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

When we decided to make the move from Australia to Canada I thought I would start a blog for my ramblings the only problem was I had NFI how so after several intense google sessions and using a WordPress template Maple Bacon Please was born.

I also had no idea at the time the direction the blog would take, what exactly I would write about and if anyone would, in fact, read it.

One of the first jobs in setting up the template was filling in some of the required gaps, one of which was a header for the home page of the blog to describe my blog.


I had not yet written a blog post how could I describe something that was still sitting in my head and would evolve over time?   Not wanting to leave it blank I thought back to our trip to Canada prior to our move and the things that amused me most on that trip and came up with …

“A guide to moving from Australia to Canada in search of Poutine, BeaverTails and Canadians wearing Pyjamas in public”.

So far I have written about the phenomenon that is Canadians wearing Pj’s in public

As for Poutine, for those that don’t know it looks as foul as it sounds.  Yes, it is pronounced poo-teen and it is a Canadian dish originally from Quebec that consists of french fries (hot chips) cheese curds and gravy.  On every trip to Canada, I had turned up my nose whenever The Canadian suggested I try it.   Why would I eat something that sounded like a teenager had taken a dump and served it up on a plate?  Then on our last trip visiting prior to moving I gave it a go and I was converted.

We were on Whistler Mountain, BC at 6,000ft at Steeps Grill and Wine Bar  and it wasn’t just any old Poutine, it was fancy pants, with “Squeaky” Cheese Curds (meaning they squeak against your teeth when biting into them much like rubber) and with a red wine herb jus instead of regular old gravy.

I am probably not selling it but trust me it is divine.

This was it in all its glory!


This poutine set the bar high and I have been a little underwhelmed by all of the Poutine I have tried since living in Toronto.   This was so good that when I look at the picture of it I can still taste it in my mind 15 months later.

I am still desperately seeking Poutine …..

BeaverTails,  however, are a different story.  It feels like in the last couple of weeks I have died and gone to BeaverTails heaven.

BeaverTails are another Canadian treat and are a deep-fried pastry stretched to look like a Beavertail and then topped with sweet toppings.

The first time I tried BeaverTails was again on our trip to Whistler and I instantly became addicted.

beavertails store


My personal favourite is the Chocolate Hazelnut spread with Banana.  Delicious and with every bite I could feel my arteries hardening.

My second favourite is the cinnamon sugar with lemon, with the added lemon I feel like I am on a health kick eating this one. LOL

The lemon is great for breaking up the sweet from the sugar giving it a just right balance between sweet and sour.  (It kind of looks like a giant piece of schnitzel)

BeaverTails Sugar

Since our arrival in Toronto, we had not been able to sniff out BeaverTails and then on our weekend away to Ottawa … BANG … BeaverTails on offer everywhere we went.

Good things really do come to those that wait because last week a BeaverTails store opened in Toronto about a 10-minute walk from our apartment.  Naturally we checked it out.

The 8-year-old is currently working his way through the BeaverTails menu.

Then just when I didn’t think my BeaverTails world could rock anymore, I got a message alert on my Instagram account from BeaverTails.   I was 1 of 5 winners in a BeaverTails Instagram Competition.

You had to use certain competition hashtags on a picture showing how you best enjoy a Canadian Winter!

My winning picture?

ice fishing


Looking back at the competition hashtags I suspect only 5 of us may have entered the competition but I’m chuffed.  This is the prize pack and I am going to wear that BeaverTails Merch with pride.

beavertails pack


It has yet to arrive in the post but here’s hoping a couple of those things are vouchers for BeaverTails!!!!

BeaverTails and Poutine are a must on any trip to Canada (I didn’t even get paid to say that).

** Clearly in moderation

My quest for decent Poutine in Toronto will continue …… stay tuned!

Have you tried Beavertails?  Do you have a favourite flavour?

Have you ever won anything?

Personally, I am hoping for a BeaverTails competition one day and Princess Margaret Prize Home the next!



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  • Lynn

    Gah, Beaver Tails are the best! I too, visited the Beaver Tail Shack on Whistler Mountain. Life doesn’t get much better. Skiing the mountain on a blue sky day, stopping to munch on a glorious Beaver Tail! Not a fan of all of the adds, just love the plain old original with butter & brown sugar! I am salivating as we speak.

  • 1simontemple

    Another great post Danielle – you inspire us novice writers!. I’m sure beaver tails are fab but for some reason whenever I here the word beaver I instantly think Leslie neisen in The Naked Gun…

    Looking forward to the next one.

  • bikerchick57

    I doubt that poutine will ever touch my lips because of a sensitivity to dairy. I would eat fries and gravy, though.

    As for the beaver tails, I laughed at the lemon one that looks like schnitzel…because it really does! Nevertheless, I eat anything lemon, so if you ever feel like shipping to the states…

    • Maple Bacon Please!

      That tour looks fab and is around our hood.

      Sadly Lou Dawgs on King Street West has closed down and before we had a chance to try it but I think they are opening at a new location perhaps in Hamilton. We have yet to check out Hamilton so will make a mental note for when we do.

      We actually went to Wvrst for the first time over the weekend and loved it! We couldn’t get over how many beers they have on tap. The Duck Fat fries are also pretty amazing and the sauces are very addictive.

  • jan

    I’ve heard of poutines but beaver tails are a new one! I haven’t tried either but if I ever get up to Canada again I sure will!

  • joannesisco

    ooo – congrats on your big winnings!! I never win … anything … but I still delude myself into thinking I could win the Princess Margaret lottery. Or 649.

    Poutine? Nope. Cheese on anything is great, but gravy on french fries. Ugh. It makes them soft and mushy.
    Beaver Tails? I’ve NEVER had one!! At this point in my life I’m considering going for the record of the oldest living Canadian who’s never had a Beaver Tail. Call Guinness World Records. Surely I should qualify … I wonder what I’ll win 😉

    • Maple Bacon Please!

      I am a firm believer of “You’ve got to be in it to win it” Joanne … you just never know. In our house, I am in charge of buying prize home tickets and my husband is in charge of 649.

      If you get the record you could join one of my dearest and oldest friends in Australia, Pete. He holds the Guinness World Records for the most high-fives in a 24 hour period.

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