Spring Break

This week it is Spring Break so the 8-year-old has a week off school.  As we don’t have Spring Break in Australia when Spring Break comes to mind I think of American College students partying on a beach with hardly any clothes on, copious amounts of alcohol, sex and vomit.  Disappointingly this is not how Spring Break is going down at our place this week.

Sunday is officially the 1st day of Spring and last weekend daylight savings kicked into gear.   Last week I could feel a change in the air with the sun rising earlier and the days getting longer.   The temperatures started climbing into double digits for a couple of days in a row.   I started leaving the apartment with a lighter coat or even no coat.   Tables and chairs started to appear outside restaurants and bars on patios and terraces.

In Australia traditionally on the last day of a school term, I would pick up the 8-year-old from school and we would head off to a cafe for a milkshake (him) and a glass of wine (me) and share a bowl of hot chips (fries for the North Americans).  Sometimes friends would join us.

Walking to pick him up from school on Friday the sun was shining and the patios called so I thought we would continue our tradition in Canada.   I also thought I would extend the invitation to some of the other mums I have met at pick up.   I was a little nervous asking …. would they look at me like I had two heads?   That I was a terrible parent suggesting we take our offspring to the pub on a Friday afternoon at 3.30?

Hell no!  I need not worry, I do believe they broke into a sprint getting to the pub.

We sat out in the sunshine enjoying beers where the husbands came and joined us when they knocked off work.   With the kids sufficiently high on sugar and turning feral and not wanting to ruin our fellow drinkers buzz,  we made our exit and got invited back to one of our new friends apartment to continue the merriment with drinks and pizza.

View of Toronto

Check out the view over Toronto from our friends apartment.

The best bit?  They live in our apartment building so we only had to use the lift to get home.   No muss no fuss.

The next morning after waking and surprisingly not being hung over we decided to go for a walk and check out a Maple Syrup Festival being held at Sugar Beach (Disappointing with very little on offer to do/see and with hideous lines).

It appeared that every other person and pooch in Toronto had the same idea and headed outdoors.   Restaurants and patios full we waited for a table for a very late lunch.  It appears the warm spring weather has snuck up on the restaurants and bars and despite having spare seats and tables available they did not have the staff rostered to man them.

Then just as quickly as spring seemed to appear it disappeared when we left the restaurant.  The temperature felt like it dropped about 10 degrees within the space of minutes.

I then learnt another important Toronto weather lesson:

Just like Melbourne in Australia, it also has 4 seasons in one day!

My second lesson????

Do not pack away your black clothes and warm coats, and don’t get trigger happy and done a pair of white jeans in March!!!  Ever!


white jeans
Those that know me may think I have gone to Russia and had a leg extension operation, fear not, it’s an optical illusion.


The Canadian took this picture because we had made the observation that I was literally the only person we saw ALL DAY in a city of 6 million people wearing white jeans!!!!!

Lucky for me the Canadian had a hockey jersey in his possession that wasn’t being worn that I could throw on for some warmth.  This then came with its own torture in the form of having to suffer through non-stop “don’t spill anything on it” for the rest of the afternoon.  I don’t know why he even bothered:

White Jeans = Food or drink disaster for me every single time.

So it turns out Spring Break in Toronto has been anything but spring-like with rain for most of the week, some intense fog and snow predicted for the weekend.



When Spring does decide to really rear its head, well I’m ready for it white jeans and all!


P.S  Serious question for anyone from these parts ….  When can I start wearing the white jeans for reals?   What month does Spring really appear in Toronto?


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