The festival of I’m sorry!

This week I paid a visit to the Dentist, I have actually paid a visit to the dentist once a week for the last 3 weeks having various things done and this week she declared I am their favourite patient.

I bet I am, I thought as the cash dislodged itself from my wallet and into hers. What’s not to love about me financing that fancy car and the kids’ private school fee’s but then I felt like a bitch for thinking bad thoughts. I was going to get struck by lightning the minute I walked out of her office. All of the staff at the office are super friendly and nice and have made me feel more relaxed with each visit. I am a big wimp when it comes to the Dentist and because of this had put off going for a ridiculous amount of time. On my first visit, I apologised for the state of my teeth and so began the festival of I’m sorry!

The dentist upon hearing my tale of bad orthodontic work (twice, yes folks I have had braces twice) and the problems I now experience due to the mistakes of the past, apologised. She then proceeded to apologise every time one of those nasty house of pain dentist tools touched one of my teeth. At the end of the checkup, she took me into her office to tell me about the work she recommended over the coming weeks delivered with at least half a dozen, “I’m sorry’s”.

Discussing the dollar cap on my health insurance policy for dentistry, “I’m sorry” (nothing to apologise for as we are very lucky we have fantastic dentist coverage through my husband’s employer)

Time to pay and I got another “I’m sorry” from the receptionist, I think it was something to do with printing out the receipt, I’m still not clear who that apology was aimed at, me or the printer. I’m thinking it was the printer, maybe apologising for it having to print. Who knows!

Putting on my coat it started snowing, the dentist then said, “I’m sorry”, this time, she was apologising about the weather in Canada.

“You can’t control that”, I declared.

“I’m just sorry that it’s snowing”

“But I love the snow”

“Oh, I’m sorry we haven’t had much snow then this winter”.

I left after she apologised that our next visit would be a two-hour appointment.

It turns out that Canada is a country of apologizers. When we first arrived it was one of the things that my husband had forgotten about having lived away from Canada for so long, that and the politeness. It still blows us away.

Guess what?

It rubs off, I too have begun to apologise. Opening doors, in lifts, walking down the sidewalk, I now find myself dropping several, oh, I’m sorry, and they are actually sincere, have I done anything wrong, well no, but I’m just really, really sorry!







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