Yesterday,  I visited the Dentist and after leaving with a very sore mouth I had a hankering for something soft for dinner so we went to Momofuku Noodle Bar for Ramen and Noodles (delicious, if you haven’t been I suggest you do).

I also suggest you try the crack pie because it is the business.

One bite and you will soon discover why they have called it (and trademarked) the name crack pie.

It is also available as takeaway and I am munching on a slice with a cup of tea as I tap away on this post.

crack pie

Anyway, a snow storm was predicted for yesterday and it arrived just as we left the restaurant for our walk home.

I absolutely adore the snow and get so excited the minute it starts falling. I hope the longer I spend in Canada I don’t lose the feeling of excitement when I see it or am walking in it.  I promise this to myself.


With solid snowfall throughout the night,  we woke up to this:


It was just beautiful, and at 7 am, it was very calm and quiet.

The 8-year-old was hoping for a snow day (for the non-North American’s a snow day is a day off school when a certain amount of snow is received and it is hard for the school buses to get around).

School bus services did indeed get cancelled this morning but the Toronto District School Board decided to keep classes open and no Snowday was declared.  It turns out that only 8% of the kids in our school district actually get the bus to school.  The catchment area for our school and I’m guessing most within the downtown area are relatively small and everyone is within walking distance to school (our school has the world’s smallest yellow school bus).

The 8-year-old then decided it was better to go to school because the downside of being in an apartment when it snows is no backyard to play in it, on the upside the school yard would be full of snow and his friends so he asked if we could leave home earlier this morning.


I snapped a couple of pictures on my iPhone on the way and thought once I had ditched the kid I would go for a wander and try and take some nice pictures in the parks, some landmarks etc.

I think it looks so magical downtown early, before the roads get plowed, before the cars turn the snow on the road dirty, before the footpaths get salted, cleared and then covered again in the dirty plowed snow.

I had these perfect conditions when I arrived at an old church covered in snow, magnificent, took the iPhone out of my pocket and it died, “how could this be”?  The battery was at 100% when I left home 15 minutes before … the culprit?  The bloody cold, I am told it was -9 this morning but -19 with windchill.  My stupid iPhone hates the cold and anything colder than -10 and it decides it doesn’t want to play anymore, turns itself off and demands it be put back in the pocket of my coat.  The same thing happened on our awesome trip to Ottawa and our adventure to skate on the Rideau Canal, so many great pictures missed because the phone kept dying due to the cold.

I used to be like my iPhone, The Canadian would take me home to his hometown in Manitoba and when it hit -40 I wouldn’t want to play either.  I would bitch and moan the entire time and just stay inside.  Unlike my iPhone,  I have started to climatise.  I realised this the other day when it was 10 degrees and I thought it was warm.

**Disclaimer – This climatisation is Toronto climatisation,  not Winnipeg, Gimli or anywhere else in Manitoba climatisation because like I have always said, “those temperatures are just not normal”.

I wasn’t the only person in Toronto that thought 10 degree’s was warm on Sunday, this is the line coming out of the ice cream shop in our neighbourhood.

sweet jesus ice cream

The ice cream shop is called Sweet Jesus and I always walked passed thinking what a strange name for a business, I had no idea it was even an ice cream shop.   I then saw someone walking out one day with an ice cream, figured it out and intrigued we went inside.

When they handed my son his ice cream I found myself muttering “Sweet Jesus” and had a major light bulb moment.

This is what they handed him:

sweet jesus krusty the cone

It is called a Krusty the cone, I like to call it Kiddy Crack and yes that is fairy floss (or cotton candy if you are North American).  Needless to say, this is NOT an everyday food and is very much a treat despite the water torture of pleading I get EVERY SINGLE DAY when we walk past.

Anyway,  I have got sick and tired of missing so many great photo opportunities because of my stubborn iPhone.   I have a fantastic Nikon Digital SLR camera that I never use.  I always forget to charge the battery, forget to take it with me and when I do take I always end up using the iPhone anyway.  I don’t know how to use the digital camera properly and mostly it sits on the automatic function.


My second promise?

I have decided that I am going to learn how to use that camera, I am going to learn to use the different functions, I am going to remember to charge the battery and take it with me.  I think by writing this blog post I am putting it in writing and out in the world wide webs so it is like a contract, I will have to stick to it and make it happen.

Well, that’s the plan.

Stay tuned!

P.S Feel free to keep me in check by asking if any future pictures are iPhone or what we will refer to as “the real camera”.



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