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Walking the 8-year-old home from school yesterday we found a bag of Marijuana on the footpath.  We took it home put a Cyprus Hill CD on (Hits from the bong)  and made cookies with it for him to take into his teachers at school for morning tea.





What actually happened was we did find a bag of marijuana as we walked home, The 8-year-old wanted to call the cops and was horrified that I took a picture of it.  With a designer brand lipstick and a lip balm next to it,  I assume the items had fallen out of a women’s handbag as she walked along.   I’m no expert but it also looked like it was medicinal cannabis from a dispensary and was labelled Grape Ape.

We kept walking and I suspect the bag of Ontario’s finest didn’t hang around on the pavement for long.    The 8-year-old and I had a chat about life and drugs.  Since our move to Canada, this is one of the things I cherish the most, our walks to and from school.

We chat about all sorts of topics.  Many of the conversations start from things we are seeing around us, things we wouldn’t have seen in the streets around our old home.   It’s not better or worse, just different and it’s like his eyes have been opened and he has become a little more worldly.

I’m careful that it isn’t beyond his years and many of the conversations are lo-brow and tend to be what an 8-year-old boy likes to talk about, mostly farts and poo but he is more astute to the people and difference around him, especially homelessness and multiculturism.

Our walks are much calmer than they used to be.  I’m not currently working for the first time in his entire life so I’m no longer rushed and always in a hurry.   With no rush and calm comes great conversation on our walks.   Every day he actually tells me about his day at school with real words, not just “good”.


The legality of Cannabis is an interesting issue and one currently under debate in Canada.

Currently, Cannabis for medicinal use is legal in Canada and I am all for it.

Medicinal Cannabis trials are currently being undertaken in some states in Australia and this week Australian Parliament passed new laws paving the way for cannabis to be grown legally for medicinal marijuana products.

In Ontario the province we are living in, the premier Kathleen Wynne is an advocate of taking it to the next level should the federal government legalise it and distributing it through the government-controlled bottle shops the LCBO.  You can read my previous rant on trying to buy alcohol in downtown Toronto here

If it happens you will be able to buy some bud with your bud!




The government will also rake in $$$ with tax revenue.  It is a complex situation with many reasons for and against but what I love is that Canadian politicians don’t seem to sit on their hands and actually seem to get on with things in a polite and progressive way.

Yesterday the budget for Ontario was released and I watched as it was debated and members of various government ministers got questioned over aspects of it, all done really politely and almost apologetically.

I love the politeness of Canadians and I’m wondering if this fear of offending is what is actually behind getting things done in this progressive country.

Some of my favourite things in the media this week that just ooze what I love about this country.

Hot Stuff,  Justin Trudeau announced he will become the first Canadian Prime Minister (and most likely world leader) to attend the Toronto Pride Parade.


justin trudeau toronto pride
Image – PrideToronto



Justine trudea


Image – Pride Toronto



Canada has had same-sex marriage since 2005!!!! 2005 people, Australia  WTF is the matter it’s 2016!!!!  Get with the program.

This week Ontario welcomed more refugees from Turkey, and if you haven’t I suggest you read my blog post on how Canada welcomes refugees here

The only difference this week is they are our four-legged friends and my favourite kind … Golden Retrievers.   It turns out that people aren’t the only victims of the streets and that Golden Retrievers have one of the worst survival rates if they become a stray.  (I can believe this having recently said goodbye to our 13-year-old big-hearted sook of a Golden Retriever back in Australia).

18 Dogs arrived on January, 8 this week and the Golden Retriever animal rescue organisation plans on bringing 16-20 dogs a month to Canada.


Our beautiful Golden Retriever Portie


We are petless for the first time in a very long time and it feels kind of strange, although saying goodbye to our Portie recently I don’t think I am ready for another dog just yet.   When we are however I will look into the Golden Rescues.

Any thoughts on Progressive Canada?





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