Pyjama Fashion …. It’s a thing!

You say Pajama, I say Pyjama … you like Potato and I like Potahto, Potato, Potahto, Tomato, Tomahto …  call them what you will whether it’s Pj’s, Jammies, Jim Jams or Jimmies Canadian’s have a THING for wearing clothing that I consider nightwear as daywear and out in public.

I first stumbled across this unique phenomenon last Christmas prior to our move to Canada when we came over on a holiday and reconnaissance trip.  It was Christmas Eve and we hit one of the big shopping malls in Winnipeg.  It was crazy busy and on the other escalator, I noticed a girl in her mid 20’s shopping in her Pj’s.  I think I pointed it out to the Canadian and we may have had a little giggle.  We then headed for the food court where I spotted another young lady sporting some sleepwear.  Strange, but then again it was Christmas Eve with minimal shopping hours left, perhaps they had rushed out of the house in order to make it to the shops for last minute shopping before the centre closed.

I didn’t think about it further until Boxing Day when we hit one of the bars in The Canadians hometown and a fellow patron had come to the bar for a night out in her pyjamas.


pyjamas fashions
Forgive my bad blurry paparazzi style photography, I don’t think I will be getting a job at TMZ anytime soon.


Staying at The Canadian’s parents house, we headed home because people were coming over for dinner.  My brother and sister in law arrived and my brother in law was wearing his very finest Sesame Street, Oscar the grouch pyjama’s …..  no judgement!

Having come from Australia that had gone through the Adults in onesies fad, (all in one pyjama’s made to look like  animals from either the bush, farm or jungles) I thought it might be a trend like that. (This was a trend I can safely say I never embraced)  I was obviously onto something but wondered if it was just a Manitoba thing???  We had travelled through Vancouver and Whistler prior to arriving in Winnipeg and my eagle eye had not spotted one single person wearing pj’s in public until we arrived in Manitoba.

The next day we flew out of Winnipeg and sitting at the airport waiting to board his flight was yet another person wearing pj’s in public.


Intrigued, prior to our move to Canada in October,  I had decided that I would undertake my own personal research project on wearing pj’s in public.  I needed answers!!!  I had an itch and it needed scratching.   Such a project may not find the answer to world peace or eradicate ebola but geez this is important research.  I wonder if I could a get a grant?   Only one thing hindered my little project and that was the lack of Pyjama wearing Canadians in Toronto.  Had I answered my own question?  Is it just a Manitoba thing??? and then bang after almost 2 months …. finally …  I got a hit ….  It seems that Christmas time brings out the “I will wear my Pyjamas in public and not give a shit” in Canadian’s because this happened.

Christmas Day and out shopping for Bread, Milk and Bacon was a guy in his Pj’s with his lady friend.   I think what impressed me the most was that his lady friend appears to be shopping in either her underpants or perhaps even nothing under a cardigan.  Please also note that The Canadian and 8-year-old are wearing heavy parkas due to the COLD.   Clearly she must have whale blubber instead of skin.

Happy with both my improved Paparazzi skills and spotting this guy and his friend it kicked off Christmas Day on a high.

The next day we decided to hit the boxing day sales in search of  bargains as we had to replace electrical appliances that we couldn’t move from Australia.

Then this happened in Best Buy


A guy strolling the aisles of Best Buy in a green plaid pair of Pj’s.  I must confess my sight was not the first sense that alerted me to him and his clothing but it was my nose that sniffed him out as he had the most pungent body odour I have smelt in some time (I think since the last time I jumped in a cab in Brisbane)

Initially, I thought he could have been a homeless guy that had gone into the store for some warmth but no he was shopping for a new alarm clock, perhaps so he can stop sleeping in and make time for a shower, deodorant and change out of his pj’s before he leaves the house?!?

I spotted a women in the carpark of our building between Christmas and New Year however when I attempted to take a Pap style picture I ended up with a shot of my knee.

Then nothing!  It’s been a few weeks since these sightings and I have been void of sightings since.  It leaves me with more questions than answers so I will continue in my quest to get to the bottom of this issue.

Have I taken to wearing my pyjamas in public?  No, I haven’t however in the interest of full disclosure I am a fan of slipping into them the minute I walk in the door after a day out or staying in them until just before I need to leave the house.  I could easily be a candidate for those that slip into that next phase of wearing them out of the house but I am fighting it.

I have however worked out that under those big coats you can hide a plethora of sins including not wearing a bra. So far so good, those funbags have yet to appear down around my knees and below the bottom of my coat.  Win/Win.



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