The Ice Hockey Hall of Fame

Since our arrival in Toronto 2 months ago we have been getting out and about and playing tourist, getting to know our new town.   As we arrived at the end of fall and heading into winter we have mostly targeted indoor venues.  We have a list full of places we would like to visit and things to do for 2016 however some of them we will hold off doing until spring/summer.

The Hockey Hall of Fame

Our visit to The Hockey Hall of Fame I must admit wasn’t on the top of my list and was driven by my husband and son.  I was kind of dragged along half kicking and screaming.  It was, however, better than I expected.  Canadian’s LOVE ice Hockey and for those that know nothing about Ice Hockey I suggest reading these blog posts I have previously written including an Idiots Guide to Ice Hockey.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Downtown Toronto in the bowels of a building called Brookfield Place.  I loved the Architecture of Brookfield Place and was kind of annoyed I only had my phone with me for snapping pictures because it’s a very photogenic location.

Brookfield Place

The HHF is the home of the Stanley Cup and you can have your photo taken with the holy grail.  The cup is located in a room called the great hall and I think it may have been an old bank building.  This room has the original stained glass dome ceiling and is very grand.  The place is a shrine to all things hockey and the players.  It has a couple of Interactive activities where you can have a go at being a Goalie or Shooting a puck.  A replica studio where you can pretend to be a sports commentator and glass cabinet after glass cabinet containing sports memorabilia of all the greats (of whom I only know of Wayne Gretzky because he is Canadian Royalty).  It also has a couple of theatres playing movies, we watched a 3D one and I walked out thinking that’s 20 minutes of my life I will never get back.  I may or may not have even nodded off and had a little dribble sleep in it. The hockey fans loved it, though.


Ice hockey hof
Look at Dad in the background chomping at the bits to have a turn.
ice hockey hall of fame dressing room
This room didn’t stink, but I wish I could say the same for my husbands hockey bag.

ice hockey hall of fame

stanley cup hockey hall of fame
I wonder what they are thinking???
The Great Room Dome and home of the Stanley Cup.


The Canadian and 8-year-old loved the Hockey Hall of Fame and it was better than I expected.



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