Toronto Christmas Market

This week feeling festive we bundled up and went to the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District.

toronto Christmas market


For those of you that have followed the blog from the beginning  (well, all of a month)  you may recall that my first visit to the Distillery District almost resulted in me being deported back to Australia.   You can catch up here Deportation

Bravely I returned to the distillery district and even returned to the scene of the crime for dinner at Cluny’s Bistro.

Having a lifetime ban on bar seating imposed on me by The Canadian and 8 year old I pre-booked a table in the restaurant.

Dinner was delicious and the service amazing.  Our waiter even photobombing a couple of our pictures, giving the 8 year old a complimentary dessert, with a hand written message in chocolate on the plate and my good self a very fine glass of Ontario Dessert wine.


The Canadian dining on fish and chips and the 8 year old on Frogs Legs and Lobster.


Since arriving in Canada, the 8-year-old has morphed into an 88-year-old and has started dressing like Thurston Howell the 3rd.  Who am I to judge!?!

So together the 3 of us dine, the 8 year old dressed like a power broker and The Canadian totally ghetto in a hoodie.   My fashion of choice???

Well just call me mumbles………….. it turns out I own a very unflattering pair of pants that look like I am sporting a giant Moose Knuckle or Camel Toe.  The thing is I’m not actually donning it, this thing seems to be built into the pants.   The pants can be sitting on the floor in a pile of dirty washing and that camel toe is staring right up at me!

** Picture of my dining attire at the bottom of the post – WARNING don’t scroll to the bottom unless you have a bottle of bleach handy to bleach those eyeballs **


Someone needs an intense course at June Dally-Watkins.
Little Lord Fauntleroy will be in for a rude shock on Monday when he starts school in Canada with a packed lunch of Vegemite and Cheese Sandwiches.

After dinner and a few cocktails, we went for a stroll around the Christmas Market and shops.


market 3
Market Stalls

market 4

mulled wine

Real live giant Christmas Tree, none of your plastic rubbish!

A fun night was had by all and with the market on for another month, we may visit again.

The Toronto Christmas Market is free during the week and has a small admission fee of $5.00 on Saturday and Sunday.   The Christmas Market has plenty of beer gardens, Santa, stalls, restaurants and entertainment so appeals to all ages.

** you have been warned**





  • Christiane

    The market look awesome !! I have been itching to go to one in Ottawa, but I prefer to catch up on sleep instead. I got to do it before Christmas day !

    Lmao I cannot stop laughing at the camel toe photo !! Bravo woman !!

    • Maple Bacon Please!

      Hi Christiane,

      Thanks for dropping by the blog. The Christmas market was fantastic and I’m so glad we went in the first week because the crowds have been huge with big lineups the closer it has got to Christmas.

      I ummed and ahhed about posting the Camel Toe Picture LOL but then thought, bugger it! I’m keeping it real. (Due to an overwhelming response and requests from friends on my personal facebook page the pants have been banned – I still stand by the fact that the pants do it naturally even when not being worn)

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