Is it a Theme Park? A Bed and Breakfast?

On our drive back to Toronto from Niagara Falls this week we stumbled across a huge premium label outlet shopping mall and made a stop.  Clothes shopping has become an almost daily event for us because we packed so badly for our trip.

In our last week in Brisbane Spring temperatures had already reached 30’s (Celsius) some days and so trying to pack and get our heads around what we needed with the bulk of our clothes in storage was tricky.   Needless to say, we screwed up and ended up with clothes adequate for our first week here with warm fall days still in double digits but by the next week, things took a quick slide south with single digit temperatures.   I also worked out quickly that the new coat I bought within days of arriving is fine for October in Toronto but not February in Toronto and I will basically be walking around in the equivalent of a doona within weeks.

After a stroll and a couple of purchases at the outlet centre I got most excited when I spied what looked like a theme park next door.


We entered the Giant Faux log cabin, “is it a wilderness theme park I thought”?


Or judging by the large sitting area with an open fire at the entrance a lodge or B&B?

Was this Santa’s Canadian workshop??? Where are the elves??

But no!  It’s none of these things, it’s a mammoth outdoor store selling fishing, hunting and camping supplies called Bass Pro Shops.

First clue……………..all the dead things looking down at the Christmas tree at the front entrance.


So much joy and total sensory overload, I didn’t know where I should look first.

bass shopfish tank

and oh so much camo

camo 1camo 2camocamo 3

Including Camo undies!?!  Do people hunt just in underpants?

Camo for everyone, dad, mum and the kids.

I could have spent all day in the lady camo section!  Imagine trying to accessorize one of your camo outfits with one of these camo handbags???

lady camocamo handbags 1camo handbags

With Christmas coming up I couldn’t help but get some gift ideas, you see our family back in Australia has a Christmas draw every year with everyone’s name going into a hat and you buy for the person who’s name you have drawn.  Every year we all dread getting one particular persons name in the draw who shall remain nameless Matthew.

Well, this year my husband lucked out and drew this particular family member  Matthew  so when the sales associate asked me if I was looking around for Christmas gift ideas and replied “yes” he pointed me towards the homewares.

You see this person that is incredibly hard to buy for Matthew and tells you in no uncertain words within minutes of receiving his gift with 100% honesty what he thinks of your gift (usually dislike) is very much into homewares.

So I thought perhaps a new lamp?

lampsturkey lampduck lampgun lamp

or a soft furnishing such as a new quilt cover or curtains for the bedroom, I can only imagine what a restful and peaceful night’s sleep you would get in Camo!


We didn’t leave empty handed as I purchased new Christmas Ornament for the tree.

christmas ornament

Nothing say’s Christmas like a gun ornament!

Thoughts?  Should I make a purchase for our secret Santa draw?


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