The Toronto Maple Leafs

Following on from my last blog post,  An Idiots Guide to Ice Hockey  this is a post about the local NHL team The Toronto Maple Leafs.

In our little family of 3, we have a supporter of the Winnipeg Jets (my husband’s hometown) and one that supports the San Jose Sharks so that left me without a team.  After our visit to Canada last Christmas and attending a Vancouver Canucks game I had taken on the Canucks as my team………………. or so I thought.

As we have settled in Toronto and not Vancouver and as the other two have been supporting teams for several years (as well as owning a truckload of the merchandise associated with these teams) I was told, “I would have to take one for the family”, and follow the hometown team the  Toronto Maple Leafs

GQ Magazine has rated them Number 16 in the 20 worst sports franchises of all time.

They are total Lemons!!!!


The strange thing about my new crappy team is that they have actually won The Stanley Cup 13 times in the past, coming 2nd behind Montreal who have won it 15 times, the problem is they haven’t won it since 1967!!!!!!!

Last week we went to our first Ice Hockey Game in Toronto and it was my husbands’ team The Winnipeg Jets against my new team The Leafs.  I’m not sure why they aren’t the leaves but I digress.

Despite the fact, they are the worst team in the league the games are actually one of the hardest and most expensive to get tickets for in the NHL.  We had purchased our tickets before we left Australia online through Stubhub.   We had used Stubhub previously to purchase tickets to a San Jose Game in the US and a game in Vancouver on our holiday last Christmas.  How it works is people with tickets for sporting events, concerts and theatre events and no longer require them can put them up for resale on the site.  It’s kind of like a modern-day ticket scalper.  A map shows the venue and the seat prices and if you decide to purchase you put them in your shopping cart and checkout.  Depending on the type of ticket you can either download and print the ticket yourself or the tickets may need to be couriered to you.  Like with a scalpers tickets you pay more than the face value of the ticket.

When I purchased these tickets I had obviously had a couple of wines because I didn’t factor in that I was paying for the tickets in US dollars despite the game being in Canada between 2 Canadian teams so with the vile USD to AUD exchange rate they cost an additional 30%.  When my credit card bill arrived I was in shock to see the tickets had cost $467.00.

What did we get for $467.00????  Seats so high up in the stadium I thought I would require an oxygen tank because the air was so thin.   It was lucky we all survived without a nose bleed.

nose bleed seats

and then this happened

asleep at the ice hockey

A certain someone in our party of 3 fell asleep……… the ice hockey………..with all the noise and excitement………….and organ playing. Possibly it could have been the lack of oxygen but I’m starting to think I should get this kid checked for narcolepsy.

Jets won 4-2

Mr O’ski bought me this:

leafs jersey

He made me wear it to the game and it’s like some kind of punishment.  On the plus, the colours are on my colour wheel and I do like the logo.

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