Waltzing around the Supermarket

So we have arrived!!!!!

We arrived in Toronto on Monday night and here we are Friday and it is the first day we have started to feel semi-normal.  We all had the most shocking Jet Lag EVER.  It was like nothing I had experienced before, usually I come good on the second day but the combination of a day flight from Brisbane to LAX so no sleep, hours sitting in the airport waiting to transit and then another time zone change to the east coast resulted in all 3 of us being in a zombie state just in time for Halloween.

Yesterday I went into the Post Office and was only gone a few minutes to come out and find Sam passed out in the Toronto Underground PATH ** System like a homeless guy on a bench dead to the world.  It was virtually impossible to wake him.


As he was supposed to be performing security on the bags I suspect a career as a security guard is not in his future.

We are staying in a furnished apartment in downtown Toronto for the first couple of months until we find a more permanent solution.  Unlike Chateaux De Shit Hole in my last blog post, this apartment is fantastic.  It is huge, clean, in a fantastic location and the staff at the management company are super helpful and friendly.  If you are ever in the Toronto area I can’t recommend Toronto Furnished Apartments enough.

We have a mini Grocery Store on our corner it has a limited selection and has filled in the gaps, however, today we ventured further afield in search of a larger Grocery Store (see how I’m trying to use the local lingo instead of saying supermarket).

After several drives around the block and minimal snapping and snarling at each other with no GPS trying to find it we ended up in a chain called Loblaws, it will forever be called Lo Blows by me going forward.

The first thing that greeted me when we first entered Lo Blows was the cheese fridge, just check out the selection and those massive cheese wheels being stockpiled like a doomsday prepper.


The shopping took forever trying to find the items I wanted and not knowing the brands, aisles or what we had gone in for in the first place.  I also won’t be making the rookie mistake of going with Sam or Clyde next time.  I did get a little excited when I came across these two items on the shelves, and yes!!!! before you ask I did pay $9.00 for the vegemite.


tim tams

Made my day!!! Still can’t work out why the Vegemite is in with the baking products.

The highlight by far greeted me at the checkout, not only do they still have people bagging the grocery’s, but they are wearing dinner suits.  After he finished bagging I was kind of waiting for him to ask me “if I would like to Tango”?


Bagging the grocerys


Lo Blows I think we will be firm friends.

** PATH deserves its own blog post at a later date.


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