Chateaux de Shit Hole.

After selling our house we moved into a furnished apartment in downtown Brisbane 4 weeks ago, our stuff has gone into storage and it leaves Brisbane next week in a container.  We have moved into the apartment with our clothes, electronics, a few toys for Sam and the all-important contents of our Bar Cart.  The apartment was booked via the internet based on a couple of pictures, some ok reviews on Trip Advisor, our budget and the location which is walking distance to what seems like half of Brisbane’s restaurants and bars.

We checked in at night and it didn’t look that bad, the furniture isn’t my taste but totally liveable for a short stay apartment.

It has been fine however we are all ready to move on and into a new home in Canada and be reunited with our things.

I am no Martha Stewart or Queen of Clean however this place is borderline crack den filthy.   Once a week it includes them coming into the apartment making a cup of tea and sitting down to watch Dr Phil   cleaning.

These are some of the things I won’t miss about this apartment when we move to Canada.


Toe Jam Sofa

On Moving day exhausted I flopped on the couch, I was then hit with the overpowering stench of other people’s toe jam and foot odour engorged in the sofa,  fast forward 4 weeks and a full bottle of Febreze later it is still just as ripe. I could almost live with this if it was our rotten feet smell.


The dripping tap I told reception about 4 weeks ago that isn’t a drip but the Brisbane version of Niagara Falls.  The handyman was sent up the next day, but I suspect he spent time on toe jam sofa watching Dr Phil because it’s still dripping like a mofo.


Crime Scene Curtains in both bedrooms covered in strange bodily fluids.


and I certainly won’t miss some random strangers pair of black and white polka dot underpants that live among the dust next to the washing machine and stare up at me every time a do a load.

Thank you Bar Cart contents for helping me get through the last 4 weeks and fingers crossed the furnished apartment I have booked via the internet for our first 6 weeks in Toronto isn’t such a shit hole!


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