Who ya gonna call? Not a GP

** I may just get a little bit sweary in this post**

Word of warning if you move to Canada … Don’t get sick!

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A place to call home

It feels like forever since I have done a blog post as the New Year period has all been a little bit of a blur and this hasn’t been due to an alcohol induced coma.

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I just want some milk, regular milk!

When I started this blog I had no idea what I would write about or the direction it would take however I did know that I didn’t want it to become a place where I bitched non-stop about little annoyance in my new country as I often find these differences amusing.

One of the differences I am failing to find the humour in is the milk situation.  It’s freaking confusing.   I just want milk, milk I can add to my cup of tea or the 8 year old can have with cereal.  I want full fat, full flavoured milk.  It can’t be that hard, it comes from a cow, ends up in a plastic milk bottle or if you are old school in a cardboard container with a push spout but NO not here in Canada.

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The time I met a Serial Killer.

I have just returned from dropping the 8-year-old at school where I spent some time having a gas bag with some of the mums at the school gate.  As we don’t know anyone in Toronto and I’m not getting my usual daily level of OOF (outside our family) interaction I find myself chewing the ear of any person who says hello to me.  Today’s victim will be the cleaner who is due any minute.

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Welcome to Canada!

In Australia, today marks the 10 year anniversary of the embarrassment that was the Cronulla Riots.   I am only aware of this milestone that shouldn’t be commemorated but should be commiserated because the Australian Press reported that some loser wanted to organise a rally and memorial parade to “celebrate Australian Culture” in Cronulla to mark the occasion.

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Desperately Seeking Booze.

A couple of weeks ago some breaking news hit the wires and I was all over it like a rash.  You see I have been a little perplexed by the booze scene in Toronto and it was starting to feel like Prohibition is alive and well in Canada.

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Let’s Parteeey! Someone starts school.

This week marked the first month anniversary since we arrived in Canada.  The 4 weeks have flown by so quickly and we are really starting to settle into our new life in Toronto.

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The day I got some status.

So last week I wrote this blog post on our visit to Niagara Falls and in it I told the falls we would be back, what I didn’t know at the time was we would be back just 1 week later.   The reason for our speedy return?

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Chateaux de Shit Hole.

After selling our house we moved into a furnished apartment in downtown Brisbane 4 weeks ago, our stuff  has gone into storage and it leaves Brisbane next week in a container.  We have moved into the apartment with our clothes, electronics, a few toys for Sam and the all important contents of our Bar Cart.  The apartment was booked via the internet based on a couple of pictures, some ok reviews on Trip Advisor, our budget and the location which is walking distance to what seems like half of Brisbane’s restaurants and bars.

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Stuff is happening, I’m just not sure what!


If you see me in the street or at the school gate just don’t ask, “How are you”? ………. I will most likely burst into tears and I’m talking about the “ugly cry”.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, picking up and moving to the other side of the world from Brisbane, Australia to Canada.

We are currently in the process of packing up our home of 8 years and I have discovered a few rather odd things about us.

We are a house of 3, myself, my husband and our 8 year old son Sam.

As I pack I have discovered we own a disproportionate amount of some items compared to human bodies in the house.

Like 5 Staplers

Stapler Fetish

Over a dozen Tape Measures……….

“Hello my name is Danielle and I’m a tape measureaholic.” Oh and don’t be fooled into thinking these are a sign my husband loves doing jobs around the house either. I am thinking about making them a gift with purchase at our upcoming moving out Garage Sale.

Tape Measure Fetish

I also asked my husband to start clearing out one of his junk drawers and packing some of his things that I would not dare go near.  This is what I found……………….


I’m still not entirely sure why we are taking a Uni Textbook from 20 years ago that clearly has not seen the light of day in the last 8 years we have lived in this house and why the inch of dust is so sentimental that it needs to be moved as well!!!!!

Here’s hoping the movers don’t charge extra for the dust!