Brain games

A few things have been throwing me off lately.

One of the things I can’t my head around is Seagulls …

in Toronto

we are inland

and away from the ocean

the closest ocean coastline is approx 700 km’s away.

map of canada

The city might be on a lake but in my mind Seagulls live on the coast and near the ocean.    The North American Seagulls are huge and much fatter and bigger than in Australia.  I will need to be vigilant when eating fish and chips outside because those buggers look like they can put away food.

I started hearing the annoying squawk for the first time a couple of weeks ago when the temperatures started to rise and the skies became blue.  It felt like spring was starting to surface.  Spring had something else in mind and didn’t hang around with winter returning and then snow.  It then got really weird because I could hear the seagulls and see snow.   Just when my senses couldn’t cope with much more, squirrels started to surface from hibernation.    Suddenly drop off at the 8-year-old’s school yard had it all going on snow, seagulls and squirrels.

Seagulls with snow?  Not a match in my mind!

Seagulls with squirrels?  Also not a match in mind!

All three together?  So not matchy match!



Tulips throw me as well.

They are my all time favourite flower and in Australia are a spring flower and available in the shops in August, my birthday month.  They are also hideously expensive so around my birthday I would treat myself to a bunch or 3 or maybe 4 or 5 (Canadian if you are reading this just 1) when I could find them.  In Canada, they have been available in the shops since we arrived in October.   I’m talking every corner store within a 10km radius of our apartment sells them and they are cheap, $6.00/$7.00 for a bunch of 10.  I buy at least 1 or 2 bunches a week.  They have gone from my treat flower to my everyday flower.  Despite being surrounded by them my head keeps telling me that they are August flowers and soon it will be my Birthday.  It’s April and not even close to my birthday.

The mind really does play tricks ….




11 thoughts on “Brain games

  1. The upside down seasons are still messing with my head, even after a year. I found tulips here in Aus for Easter, but no daffodils. I though tulips very expensive here.

      1. Daffodils are the flower of Wales, so we tend to get them for St David’s day in the UK, which is 1st March. Must feel very strange moving to a different hemisphere!

      2. I lived in a part of Australia that didn’t have seasons, it has hot and then not as hot so I am loving a change of seasons but it’s still all a bit strange not having grown up with it. One thing I adore is the light and how it is light until later in the evening. In Queensland they don’t have day light savings so even in summer it gets dark at around 7pm here it is getting dark much later and it’s only April, I can only imagine how awesome it will be in Summer. On previous visits to the Northern Hemisphere in summer I loved the lighter days but it will bliss living in it.

  2. We have seagulls here in Wisconsin, but I suppose it has something to do with the many lakes in my area and Lake Michigan bordering on the east side of the state. Gulls are almost like ducks…present them with a puddle and they will occupy.

    1. I could be wrong but in my memory I don’t recall seeing Seagulls inland in Australia only near the coast.

      One place that seems to be universal for Seagulls to hang out regardless of the country are car parks …. they love a car park for some reason … so weird!

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