Ok, so Australian’s love Vegemite!

The black tar like substance that is made from leftover brewers yeast.  It is extremely salty and stinks.  I freakin love it!

In Australia,  we are introduced to it as babies when solid food is being introduced into your diet and on a piece of buttery toast with a thin spread of vegemite, crusts cut off and cut into soldiers … delicious.

The Canadian and every other person born outside Australia simply don’t get it.  They try it, a look of utter disgust comes over them and then they can’t spit it out fast enough.

When the 8-year-old was a baby, sometimes The Canadian would have to make him his vegemite toast.  I went into great detail explaining to the Canadian the way to make perfect juicy butter vegemite toast with the correct ratio of vegemite to butter.

I would walk into the room and be horrified by the amount of vegemite he was putting on that bread in a big thick slab.  He just didn’t get it!

vegemite spread


As the years went on I would find the 8-year-old eating Vegemite combinations made lovingly by dad.

Vegemite and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Vegemite, Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches

Ham and Vegemite Sandwiches

Vegemite and Jam Sandwiches

All of which are just not the done thing!   At times,  I thought the Australian government should intervene and strip The Canadian of his Australian Citizenship.

Today he reached a new low.

I walked into the kitchen to find the 8-year-old dining on The Canadian’s latest Vegemite creation.


vegemite scrambled eggs


The Canadian just announced “he hardly ate any of those eggs”

No Shit Sherlock!

Someone needs to learn to “respect” the Vegemite.  The stuff is liquid gold around here at $10.00 for a small jar.  Only last week the 8-year-old was horrified to find half the jar smeared on the outside of the rim and on the label (The Canadian was the culprit) and promptly got a lecture from the 8-year-old about vegemite wastage.

It looks like an emergency family meeting will be called for today.  The topic?







26 thoughts on “Vegemite

  1. I laughed at your illustration of the correct ratio of vegemite to bread 😀

    When I was embarking on my great vegemite taste-testing, I was given very specific instructions on how to do it properly.
    When my jar of vegemite arrived in the mail, curious Husband refused to follow the appropriate instructions and insisted he just wanted to taste it. He used a spoon. A SPOON!
    I nearly peed myself when his taste-test was quickly followed by his head under the kitchen faucet trying to rinse out his mouth.
    ahhh – good times! 🙂

  2. dirtgirl

    After 4+ decades in Oz, I rarely eat Vegemite, if I do, it is purely a ‘beginner’ spread! However having 2 Aussie kids and 3 grandkids, it really is a compulsory item in the fridge and it never fails to amaze me how the littlies take to it basically before they even have teeth!
    At age 4 our son decided to make a vegemite sandwich for my husband, well the vegemite was spread that thick even my husband gagged and had to discreetly fold the sandwich and put it in his pocket until son was out of sight. Son is now 42, but we still laugh about his first ever attempt at a true Aussie sandwich!
    However it does make great flavouring in soups, stews, casseroles etc. I even cook my toddler granddaughters pasta or rice in water flavoured with vegemite.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha. Love it or Hate it. This has been the best post I’ve read in ages. And the comments. Thank you all so much xx You’ve had me (a Brit) and my Aussie husband in stitches. I soon learned to love the sacred stuff. Both daughters loved it too, at a very young age. But had lots of fun with school friends when swopping sandwiches. Vegemite on toast is the best but good in a cheese or a ham sandwich. I’m going to make a slice now even though I’ve already had breakfast 🙂

    1. My son takes a vegemite and cheese sandwich to school EVERY SINGLE DAY and EVERY SINGLE DAY I suggest I make him something different and he refuses. The other kids at school I’m told are curious about it but I think they think it would taste something similar to Nutella because of the colour.

  4. We were given Vegemite as a moving to Canada present, but we don’t eat that much of it, so we still have the original stash 16 months later. Visitors have offered to bring it, but I’ve told them we can buy it here. I must confess, I’ve never looked at the price. Instead, we ask our visitors to bring Berocca and deodorant.

  5. I absolutely LOVE vegemite!!! I think the reason why a lot of Canadians/American’s don’t is the colour. You think you are going to eat something sweet…. something nutellish, and instead you’re confronted by this salty mess that nothing can prepare you for!!!
    but vegemite on crunchy continental toasted bread is soooooo heavenly!!!!

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