How we cheated on Christmas Day

Yesterday we had our first Christmas Day in Toronto and I was a little nervous how it would go down with just the three of us – The Canadian, The 8-year-old and myself.  It was our first ever Christmas that we haven’t spent it with any friends or family.  I wondered if it would end up just feeling like any other day, but thankfully it didn’t.  We had a fantastic day and created some new memories and perhaps even a new tradition ….. the Cheats Christmas Lunch.  I hear you asking,  What is this stress-free Cheats Christmas Lunch ???

Read on ……….

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The Ice Hockey Hall of Fame

Since our arrival in Toronto 2 months ago we have been getting out and about and playing tourist, getting to know our new town.   As we arrived at the end of fall and heading into winter we have mostly targeted indoor venues.  We have a list full of places we would like to visit and things to do for 2016 however some of them we will hold off doing until spring/summer.

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I just want some milk, regular milk!

When I started this blog I had no idea what I would write about or the direction it would take however I did know that I didn’t want it to become a place where I bitched non-stop about little annoyance in my new country as I often find these differences amusing.

One of the differences I am failing to find the humour in is the milk situation.  It’s freaking confusing.   I just want milk, milk I can add to my cup of tea or the 8 year old can have with cereal.  I want full fat, full flavoured milk.  It can’t be that hard, it comes from a cow, ends up in a plastic milk bottle or if you are old school in a cardboard container with a push spout but NO not here in Canada.

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The time I met a Serial Killer.

I have just returned from dropping the 8-year-old at school where I spent some time having a gas bag with some of the mums at the school gate.  As we don’t know anyone in Toronto and I’m not getting my usual daily level of OOF (outside our family) interaction I find myself chewing the ear of any person who says hello to me.  Today’s victim will be the cleaner who is due any minute.

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Welcome to Canada!

In Australia, today marks the 10 year anniversary of the embarrassment that was the Cronulla Riots.   I am only aware of this milestone that shouldn’t be commemorated but should be commiserated because the Australian Press reported that some loser wanted to organise a rally and memorial parade to “celebrate Australian Culture” in Cronulla to mark the occasion.

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Desperately Seeking Booze.

A couple of weeks ago some breaking news hit the wires and I was all over it like a rash.  You see I have been a little perplexed by the booze scene in Toronto and it was starting to feel like Prohibition is alive and well in Canada.

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The awesomeness that is Zip Car.

I am no dirty hippie or greenie however I have fallen in love with the concept of car sharing.

Last week we purchased a car for The Canadian to get to his new job.  We are living in downtown Toronto and he needs to travel a cruisy 45-minute drive against the traffic and into an Industrial area.

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